Christopher Leung

Hong Kong
Glaucoma Specialist
The University Of Hong Kong
Fields of Interest
Clinical Science;Basic Science;Diagnosis

Christopher Leung at WGC-2023

Friday 30 June 2023 10:30-12:00 CEST Room A

Glaucoma Progression

Chair(s): Xinghuai Sun (China); David Garway-Heath (United Kingdom); Gabor Hollo (Hungary);

Friday 30 June 2023 16:45-17:45 CEST Expo Hall - Rapid Fire area

Rapid Fire - Session 2

Chair(s): Joseph Anthony Tumbocon (Philippines); M. Roy Wilson (United States);

  • GLAUrious, a multicentre, randomised, controlled trial of direct selective laser trabeculoplasty in open angle glaucoma
    Gus Gazzard (United Kingdom)
  • Comparison of IOP and systemic effects of conventional vs. 10 µL timolol eye drops
    Indira Durai (India)
  • Extended Duration of IOP Lowering with Bimatoprost Implant in a Phase 3 Extension Study
    Michele Figus (Italy)
  • Video-recorded assessment identified novel factors associated with topical medication instillation failure in glaucoma patients: VRAMS-QPiG Study
    Masaki Tanito (Japan)
  • Rates of change of visual field sensitivity in patients with glaucoma in Asia – A pilot report from the Asian Glaucoma Registry
    Christopher Leung (Hong Kong)
  • PreserFlo® Microshunt - MIGS: Comparison of Efficiency, Safety, and Postoperative Management with intraoperative use of 0.02% MMC vs. 0.04% MMC
    Karsten Klabe
  • Performance of a Supraciliary Drainage Device in Glaucoma Patients with Various Stages of Disease Severity
    Sheng Lim (United Kingdom)
  • Impact of Different Literature-based Hypotony Failure Criteria on Success Rates of Glaucoma Surgery
    Alessandr Rabiolo
  • A Multi-centre Study of a Supraciliary Glaucoma Drainage Device in Patients with Open Angle Glaucoma: 1-year follow-up results
    Antonio Fea (Italy)
  • Inhibitory effect of sunitinib combined with ?-tocotrienol on the proliferation and activation of human Tenon's fibroblasts in vitro
    Yang Zhao
  • Long-Term Visual Acuity Outcomes of Deep Sclerectomy in Pediatric Glaucoma
    Muhannad Alkhalifah
  • Intermediate Safety and Efficacy Outcomes of the Novel 63?m Gelatin Microstent versus the Conventional 45?m Gelatin Microstent
    Ike Ahmed (Canada)
  • Combined cataract and stand-alone supraciliary drainage device surgery: Short-term results
    Amir Nassri


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