Wednesday 28 June 2023 08:30-09:30 CEST Room D

Ukrainian Glaucoma Society - Important Questions of Glaucoma in Ukraine

Chair(s): Zoya Veselovskaya (Ukraine); Valerii Serdiuk (Ukraine);

  • The problem of glaucoma care in Ukraine during wartime.
    Zoya Veselovskaya (Ukraine)
  • Management of glaucoma patients in wartime reality. Tough times create smart decisions
    Vasyl Shevchyk (Ukraine)
  • Assessment of impact of physical activity on the level of intraocular pressure in young people
    Nataliia Malachkova (Ukraine)
  • Predicting the occurrence of primary open-angle glaucoma depending on the genetic polymorphism of endothelial NO synthase gene
    Valerii Serdiuk (Ukraine)
  • Lamina cribrosa thickening in proliferative diabetic retinopathy as a protective mechanism of development of neovascular glaucoma
    Maryna Karliychuk (Ukraine)



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