Program Overview

Join the 9th World Glaucoma E-Congress for a unique online experience that goes beyond borders.

Here is an overview of what you can access by joining the World Glaucoma E-Congress:

Plenary session

(including the Presidential Symposium):

Plenary sessions are stand-alone, multi-disciplinary sessions that will include state-of-the art lectures by international experts.


Highly educational sessions including several thematic lectures presented by international experts.


Thematic sessions focused on experience-sharing and improving practical skills, including interactive discussions and live Q&A.

WGA Member Societies sessions

Learn more about the different models of glaucoma-care in specific regions of the world, including their challenges and/or innovations.

Virtual “wetlabs”

Highly interactive sessions with a main focus on cases and surgical tips and tricks.

Satellite sessions

Organized by our valued sponsors, the satellite sessions will showcase the latest progress and technical innovations in the field of glaucoma care.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the WGC-2021 Secretariat at