Industry Symposia

Industry Symposia*

SymposiumIND-W1 - Plenary Industry SymposiumIND-W2 Parallel Industry Symposium

TitleChallenges of current glaucoma management and future perspectivesOmidenepag Isopropyl Clinical Trials Across Asia
ModeratorIke Ahmed (Moderator)Prof. Makoto Aihara  (Moderator)

Ike Ahmed 

Andrew Tatham

Miriam Kolko

Prof. Makoto Aihara (Japan)

Dr. Megumi Honjo (Japan)

Dr. Shunsuke Nakakura (Japan)

Dr. Tin Aung (Singapore)

SymposiumIND-T1 Parallel Industry SymposiumIND-T2 Parallel Industry SymposiumIND-T3 Parallel Industry SymposiumIND-T4 Plenary Industry Symposium
TopicPreserflo® MicroShuntGlaucoma ManagementPreserflo® MicroShunt
TitleGlobal Clinical TrialsA Game-Changer in Treatment of Glaucoma Building on Two Decades of InnovationOptimizing Glaucoma Management: From Structure-Function to ProgressionReal-World and Surgical Experience
ModeratorJoseph Panarelli (Moderator)Ike Ahmed, MD (Moderator)

George A. (Jack) Cioffi, MD (Moderator)

Edward S. Harkness (Moderator)

Ike Ahmed (Moderator)

Prof. Henny Beckers

Juan Batlle

Brian Flowers

Ike Ahmed, MD

Christophe Baudouin, MD, PhD

Alex Huang, MD, PhD

Fritz Hengerer, MD

Inder Paul Singh MD

Sarah H. Van Tassel, MD

Shumpei Ogawa, MD, PhD

Marta Pazos, MD, PhD

Dr. Chelvin Sng 

Matt Schlenker

Georges Durr

Keith Barton

SymposiumIND-S1 Parallel Industry SymposiumIND-S2 Parallel Industry Symposium

TopicHow to manage NTG
TitleClinical challenges in Glaucoma management and Role of earlier interventionMany challenges in NTG management-where do we stand to face them ?
ModeratorProf. Herbert Reitsamer (Austria) (Moderator)Professor Makoto Aihara (Moderator)

Prof. Keith Martin (Australia)

Dr. Anthony Khawaja (UK)

Professor Michael S. Kook

Dr. Hitomi Saito

(*) For Healthcare Professionals only.