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Join us for the WGC-2021 Photobooth Competition!

Snap and share your selfie at the WGC-2021 Photobooth… it’s fun and super easy:

  • Go to the WGC-2021 photobooth on the Entertainment tab of the e-congress platform
  • Choose your favorite background
  • Strike your best pose
  • Share your photo on social media using the official congress hashtags: #WorldGlaucoma #WGC2021
  • The best photo will win a complimentary registration to attend WGC-2023 – feel free to post as many pictures as you like!

Please note that by participating in the WGC-2021 Photobooth Competition, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Contribute your Daily Steps for the WGC-2021 #WalkForGlaucoma

Walk the extra mile for glaucoma!

Japan – an inspiring country of stunning scenery, fascinating history and culture.  A land of striking contrasts from the modern, high-tech to ancient imperial cities waiting for you to explore!

Step Count:

  • Steps: 1,349,107
  • Kilometers: 925
  • Miles: 574
  • Milestones: 9

You can join the challenge with your mobile and other smart devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch. Our starting point will be at Kamakura. There will be a total of 9 milestones to reach, the 5th being at Kyoto! Ready to start? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Visit the website and create your account:
  2. We have created groups of 30 participants. Assign yourself to a group, in order to complete this task together in one week time!
  3. Start the challenge from 26 June – 4 July
  4. Share any pictures or progress you make via Social Media using the hashtag #walkforglaucoma

Good luck and enjoy the scenery!

Join us for some Karaoke Fun after the Closing Ceremony!

After the Closing Ceremony on July 3, we will end the congress with a Karaoke party. Singers will perform your favorite songs which you have submitted. Grab a drink, join the fun and sing along!


Your active participation is rewarded: win a complimentary registration for WGC-2023!

When? During the live days of the congress, from June 30 to July 3, 2021.

How? Collect points on the E-Congress platform by joining, engaging during the live sessions and connecting with our industry partners. You can check your score and status in the Leaderboard (top right corner of your screen) on the platform.

The Top 3 will be awarded a complimentary registration for the next WGC Edition.